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AVP E-mail Discussion Groups

An E-mail discussion group (listserve) is a list of E-mail addresses grouped under one master E-mail address. There are several AVP Discussion Groups, so that you can participate in conversations with other facilitators matching your personal interest and regional location.  Your E-mail posts will be seen by everyone subscribed to a particular Group (with all messages archived online).

All AVP Discussion Groups are 'membership required', with access limited to Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitators worldwide.

USA Discussion Groups:

  • AVP-L

    • AVP-L is our traditional discussion group for AVP facilitators, dedicated and restricted to sharing the 'nuts and bolts' of education and facilitation of AVP workshops, such as new exercises or methods, techniques for working with specific workshop populations, leadership training resources, etc., as well as any announcements pertaining to AVP/USA.   If you have this type of material to share, consider posting it here, as it will reach more facilitators.

  • FFF

  • The Facilitators Free-Forum is a discussion group permitting a wide exploration of issues not specifically related to AVP workshops.  Although the subject matter presented in this listserve primarily consists of AVP-related topics, there are no specific restrictions on post subject matter or length.
        Primary responsibility for content moderation is provided by the list members on a mutual trust and respect basis, and with consideration for cultural differences.
        Since this is a open forum, please understand that all postings are the expressions of the participating individuals, and do not represent opinions, policy or procedures of AVP/USA or of any other AVP local or international group.

    FFF functions similarly to AVP-L, with the exception that it is unmoderated, so topics are at your discression.

  • Community Interest Group

    • The Community Interest group of AVP/USA will share our successes and challenges with one another, once a month. AND
      You can now send and receive messages to/from  others by emailing [email protected] 
      Please focus on community issues in this group.

  • Trauma

    • Discussion group for USA Facilitators interested in Trauma Workshops


International Discussion Groups

  • AVP Education Forum

    • The AVP-Education-Forum is an email discussion group for AVP facilitators worldwide, focusing on gathering, sharing and discussing all aspects of AVP manuals. Members can contribute, share and discuss experiences, skills and ideas on best practices, reference manuals and local manuals, translations, AVP principles and practices, facilitation, exercises (learning activities), agendas. adaptations of workshops for specific participant groups, facilitator and leadership training and continuing learning. It is also a way to keep up-to-date with the current developments & news from the AVP Education Committees
          These discussions are part of the AVP Education Network that will inform the writing of future AVP manuals. Relevant discussions on AVP-L will also be picked up for the AVP-Education-Forum.

  • AVP-World

    • AVP-World is an email discussion group for AVP groups and AVP facilitators worldwide, focusing on sharing and discussing news and announcements of the activities of International AVP groups and organizations, and building community and connections between AVP facilitators and AVP groups around the world.
          It is hoped that at least one member of each AVP group will join AVP-World and pass on any news or information to their facilitators.

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Once subscribed to a Discussion Group, you will receive e-mails as others post to the discussion group.  By editing your membership(s) here:  you can elect to receive these e-mails in one of three formats:

1.  A separate e-mail with every post to the list.

2.  A bundled digest containing the last 25 posts in one daily e-mail.

3.  An abridged digest of all posts for the day, organized by topic and with short snippets of the post.  You click on a link to go to to read the entire posting.  This option produces the least amount of e-mail.

With all options, the discussion threads are permanently stored and available at, so you don't need to archive your own copies. 


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