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The completely revised (2010) AVP/USA Organizing Kit.
A Guide for those Initiating or Strengthening AVP in Communities and Prisons.

Organizing Kit

Whether you are just starting with AVP or have been a facilitator for a long time and are looking at opening a new prison, starting a new community program or are wanting ideas in recruitment, communicating with prison staff or revitalizing your local council, this organizing kit will be of value.

The three elements of a vital AVP program are featured in this kit:

· Community workshops, including recruitment.
· Forming and maintaining a Local Group of community facilitators ("Area Council"), including problem solving.
· Prison workshop program, including prison support groups.

Which Organizing Kit is right for you?

1.    PDF Version

A.    Read online or download to your computer.
B.    Print your own hard copy.
C.    Has live links (throughout the kit) to the complete online appendix.
D.    Online appendix will be updated periodically, as new material arrives.
E.    Free download.

Get the PDF Kit

2.    Printed bound book

A.    Printed bound book with front and back covers (similar to the workshop manuals).
B.    Has a limited, printed appendix of the most useful material.
C.    Go online to see the complete appendix: Online Appendix
D.    Printed appendix will be updated with the next print revision.
E.    May be purchased from our store.


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